Sunday, September 25, 2011

Valley View Two

Before I was even finished going over what I was going to say to the campers this weekend they started showing up. At first they were apprehensive as most people are in a new setting but soon enough the observatory walls that they had put up to gauge new faces started coming down.

We did a quick ice breaker and then I was given the floor to share Phase One of the "Self-Image" series. It was brutal. I haven't spoken to a small group of kids about God in quite a while. These kids were good kids but they had just been dropped off at a camp that none if us had been to before and it wad up to me to capture their interest for an hour with my snappy talk and engaging games ...

Maybe you aren't as critical about your performance as I am - and you're lucky if you aren't - but I felt like a tool. It was an uphill battle both times I talked. Of course it is a bit difficult to reign in kids after they've been zipping through the forest and climbing up a 50 ft. cedar pool only to jump off and ring a bell - Quantum Leap.

(Angus just woke up ... It's his birthday ... More to follow)

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