Sunday, January 1, 2012

All is Quiet on New Years Day

Another year has ended. Maybe I have finally gotten to that point in my life ... I didn't care nor do I give a rip about watching the ball drop in NYC or the note drop in Nashville although I watched them both last night with Amanda. I feel like Andy Rooney - I'm over all the hype involved in what New Years Eve has become. Over promised and under delivered ... As has been the case for so much of our media driven entertainment lately.

Enough of my complaints though because I hate whining as much as anyone else. Right now I'm lying on the couch, Sophia's on the love seat, Angus is in his crib, and Amanda is napping in the bedroom. Life is good. We are blessed and highly favored. God's been so good to us.

For me, peace is the greatest gift God is blessing me with right now. It's quiet in the house although I just heard Sophia snore. Peace has been hard to maintain grasp of this year. So many changes ... So many attempts to move mountains ... So many tragedies - too many and too close. But for all that, I think God is really beginning to open up my eyes and heart to a better understanding of what his peace really is all about.

I pray that for all of us this year.

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