Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Fight is On!!

A few people know that I have been actively pursuing an Active Duty chaplain gig with the Army. More people know that this has been something I have been pursuing with passion to one degree or another over the last ten years.

It's has it's moments when everything looked lost and then again, it's had some moments that seemed to absolutely be a part of a much bigger picture that God was trying to paint. It's been one of those desires that you know in your heart is supposed to look like at the end - you know - the one you have an exact picture of and it's taped to your bathroom mirror so you can look at it everyday and focus on what it is you're going after. Or look at it like this - a picture of the wife and kids - something that's already yours but you've been deployed and that's who you want to get back to as quickly as possible.

I'm back in that spot right now. All the odds are stacked against me: my age ( I never thought I'd be saying that), I'm a Christian working for a government that no longer appears to fear the Lord, and despite having made some mistakes in my past - the idea of "paying one's debt to society" and "your sins are forgiven" no longer apply.

The Christian Chaplain appears to be on his way to systematic elimination. So I ask for your prayers. I obviously want God's will to be done primarily. I believe He put this desire in my heart 10 years ago. I pray He works a miracle to complete it. Will you agree with me in prayer?

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