Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Escalator

The other day, Sophia, Angus, and I went to the mall. I think we were in Belk but it doesn't really matter which store because the real story here is about the escalator.

When we walked into the store, Sophia immediately "B Lined it" to the escalator and said, "Daddy! Daddy! Can we go up?" I couldn't remember if we had ridden the magic sidewalk recently so I said, "Sure." Never mind that Angus was ecstatic about the adventure as well!

The ride up was no problem for Sophia. She, being true to her nature, was cautious as she first placed one foot - then the other - on the escalator. Joy - mixed with just a tad of apprehension - was verbalized clearly with her body language. Angus was a little less ready to climb on board and needed some special coercion from Dad.

The ride down was a different story!

Angus jumped on board quickly this time and was about eight steps in front of me when I looked back to see Sophia almost frozen in her attempt to board the escalator. One foot was on the stationary floor. One foot was splitting away on the downward moving escalator. Both arms started out low but were moving up and forward as Sophia mistakenly believed she could steady herself on the handrails. The look of absolute fear on her face was priceless.

I told her to let go. She didn't. I looked down at Angus to make sure he was good to go because I wasn't sure if he'd ever dismounted on his own. I look at him. I look at her. Then I sprint up the down escalator, grab Sophia, and think: "Is this how God sees us?"

What I mean is this: how often has God called you to do something and you hesitate? Immobilized by fear? Fear of the unknown? Doubt? Self doubt?" Whatever it is, you can always come up with an excuse not to do something. And sometimes - like I did with Sophia - God will move you for your own good!

The funny thing is that Sophia was absolutely fine once she was back on board - when she got grounded again with Daddy she knew she was safe. Oh, that we would have that same attitude.

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