Monday, February 27, 2012

Symphony of Destruction

Tonight, Amanda and the Pooheads were back in Livingston so I was up in the Island Home residence (that sounds so snobby doesn’t it?) and was doing some Chaplain Accession stuff and homework, had iTunes running and one of my favorite songs from yesteryear came on: “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth. At the risk of getting Dave Mustaine fired up because of copyright laws, I’m going to reprint the lyrics and you tell me how fitting the words are for our current national situation:

You take a mortal man
And put him in control
Watch him become a god
Watch people’s heads a’roll … a’roll …

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the Symphony of Destruction

Acting like a robot
It’s metal brain corrodes
You try to take its pulse
Before the head explodes … explodes …


The earth starts to rumble
World powers fall
A warring for the heavens
A peaceful man stands tall … tall …


What’s the Word saying to you on this one??

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